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About us
In year 1975, merely 50 Maheshwari families existed in Gale mandi area of Surat. Today about 5000, families are residing in different localities of the city.

Today our samaj has made glorious progress in business sector. Major activities of Surat Textile Trade is controlled by our samaj. Currently there are approx 2000 big textile traders, 50 process houses, 150 chartered accountants and 30 doctors in Surat belong to our fast growing samaj.

By heroic efforts of Maheswari samaj people, a large Gigantic, spacious maheshwari samaj Bhawan with all modern amenities, was built up and brought into public use on 13-12-99. Today it is centre for various marriage and other cultural and social activities not only for maheshwari samaj but for other communities as well.

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